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The Mistery of the Society of Black Widows

I´m  trying to translate to english my short stories. If you find any error, could you please indicate to me?
This one is almost close, but I am correcting it gradually as I read again and again.

Part 1 - Death and Funeral

I'm not always afraid of spiders. It started a long time ago when I entered one day in the kitchen to raid the fridge or drink water and saw it, huge, spreading all its thousand hairy legs all over the wall and its thousand and one eyes looking in all directions that could point a rose of winds . Years later, to solidify my arachnophobia, I watched the movie of the same name and I was troubled and sleepless for many nights.

Today, I am here in my office exercising my detective activity, which is to expect a new case most part of the time and solve them the rest of the time, and while I wait, I'm remembering and taking notes about the most recent solved cases and, to confess, about those few cases that are not so few at all that I could never got close to the solution. One of them, unlike the most part, was happened completely by chance. As I was  doing something along the street or moving to somewhere I couldn't remember, there was caught my attention a man that was wearing a black suit and had in its finger a sparkling ring whose transparent stone contained an inert, sticky and venomous spider.
Suddenly, the guy dropped down dead as a doornail, spreading his huge and obese body trough the sidewalk, as well his arms and hands spreading its fingers in all directions one of them involved by such a ring and such a spider to which I referred before. For more disgust that caused me this spider, I must try help this poor man, immediately calling the emergency, although it had been late because he had suffered an instant death by a fatal heart stroke. I do not know why on earth, probably because of the mysterious ring and its strange inhabitant, I just made contact with his family and attended both the mournful wake and the sad funeral. The funeral took place the next day, a grey day pitied by the wind and wept by the rain as if the natural elements were also saddened by the mournful event. There was before the coffin was closed that I realized that the strange ring disappeared. I was sure that I had seen it on the dead's finger during his wake, but now I realized that was no longer there. Curious as I am, like any good detective should be, and note that my modesty does not prevent me to include me among these ones, I looked among those presents and noticed a little farther away, as if  he was following the funeral only by chance, a quite strange guy that seemed to want to be unnoticed and that wore on his finger a ring identical to the missing one. The ring shone brightly, showing its unicity to the universe. Although could be another, this was a difficult thing to determine, but I think this was likely a pretty obvious case.

Part 2 - The Chase
Shortly after the funeral, the stranger got off and I quickly followed him, because I knew that there was a very mysterious case and the mystery is a thing that attracts me from an early age. I always liked to watch movies and read mystery novels. My favorite director: Hitchcock. My favorite writers: Poe, Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. My dream: to be a Dupin,  a Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, includind Miss Marple too to not sound a bit sexist. As I said, he took a taxi and I got another soon after him. I said to the driver the traditional "follow that car!" Taxis were driving away and every time approaching  the city's outskirts, and overcoming them moved foward to country side along a very dusty and lonely road unknown to me. Suddenly, a long wall bordering the road and, soon, a large and majestic gate. The taxi stopped and then the other taxi too a little further back. The odd man got out, paid the bill and entered the property. I followed him climbing over the wall and then following up along the walls of the mansion. The subject was skirting the house and turned one of its corners. I quickly turned around then but the man was gone. A huge wall on one side, and an immense plain in the other. He could not have climbed the smooth and vertical wall without windows or run to disappear on the horizon in such a short time. There could only be a secret entrance. I looked carefully through the wall and the floor, until I found a iron ring and this ring attached to a trapdoor. I opened the trap door and went inside.

Part 3 - The Society of Black Widows

My body seemed to fall through a tube for a long lapse of time. Maybe it was not so long, but this was my impression then. When I got to the ground, I saw that i was in a hall. Next to a door, a closet contained strange outfits, hooded like those of the Ku-Klux-Klan. The clothes were black and in the pectoral region had a circle with a spider in the center. There was a door down the hall. In one corner a huge ark rests aside. It was behind it that I hid myself as I heard the same noise that I heard when I was going down the tube. Another guy went out and got one of the garments and began to dress it. He did not even notice as I came from behind and hit his head with my nightstick. If you ask me from where I got it I can answer that I always carry one for these hours. If someone asks me about the reason for this violent act I can say in my defence that I was moved by the certainty that all seems a shady and illegal matter. I tied the guy because in my  detective kit I always bring a rope too, gagged him with a torn piece of his shirt and hid him behind the ark. I put the clothes and walked through the door that was at the end of the corridor. Inside, several people dressed in that same dress thronged around a circle and in the center of this circle, a baby was sleeping peacefully inside a basket. Everyone also had a spider ring like the one that had disappeared from the dead man's finger and appeared in the sinister man's finger. One of them, probably the leader, for he had in his dress a larger spider began a speech. The most important parts of his speech to remember are those in which, to my horror, described the purpose of the Society of Black Widows and how and why it acts. The purpose of the Black Widows Society was avenging those couples who had lost their babies prematurely by medical maltreatments or  errors. They took revenge by stealing children and sacrificing them. In the beginning the ritual had emerged from the mystical school of thought called irrationalism, created in Begonnian in the eighteenth century, and this ideas streaming  which was a mystic cult that consists to produce the same suffering that one sufers to purge his suffering. The main reason for doing this is the illogic of the act, basic principle of irrationalism, created by a man a Ralpft Rolmster, the ancient, healer,  mystic, alchemist and charlatan. In the beginnig of this case what made me suspicious was the strange and mysterious guy stealing the ring. But now, this made no sense, because each member of the Black Widows Society had its own ring. The only plausible explanation was that the guy did not belong to the Society and was an invader like me. Suddenly, when the leader of the sect wielded a knife to sacrifice the baby appeared a guy and shouted: "There is an intruder among us because was found one of us tied behind the ark in the hall. Everyone will have to remove the hood. Exactly at this time, one of the hooded men pulled out a gun and shouted: "Police!  You are all under arrest on child  murder". It was the strange guy. He was a police officer and was investigating the Society. Exactly at this time, one of the hooded guys came up and was going to hit the policeman from behind, but I hit him with my nightstick, which I always carry with me. So it was dissolved and destroyed the Society of Black Widows and the danger that flown over the its small potential victims was kept forever away. That was another closed case.

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